Safeguarding Your Sweet Surprises: Shipping Treats in Warm Weather

Safeguarding Your Sweet Surprises: Shipping Treats in Warm Weather

May 15, 2024

As the temperatures climb, the challenge of shipping delicate treats without compromising their quality becomes all too real. Whether you're sending chocolates, gummies, brie cheese, or other delectable delights, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition demands careful consideration. At Caribou Gifts, we're dedicated to preserving the freshness and flavour of your favourite treats, which is why we've put together a guide to help you ship items in warm weather with confidence.

NOTE: This article pertains to addresses outside the GTA; for addresses in the GTA we use a local courier who keeps the baskets in a temperature controlled vehicle.  

Watch Out For Warnings:

Certain items may have this warning in their descriptions: This product is heat sensitive and between Victoria Day weekend and Labour Day weekend it should only be shipped in the GTA. For these marked items, please only request these for orders shipping within the GTA. This way we can ensure they are not sitting in a hot delivery van and instead safely in the hands of our local courier. Unfortunately, these items may melt or perish on longer trips outside the GTA and cannot be shipped until cooler seasons. If you’re ever unsure of whether an item is safe to ship in warm weather, contact us at the store and we’ll be happy to advise. 

Select Heat-Resistant Treats:

When selecting treats to ship in warm weather, opt for items that are less prone to melting or spoilage. Shortbread, nuts, and dried fruits are excellent choices as they have a lower moisture content and can withstand higher temperatures compared to chocolates or soft cheeses. Alternatively, consider treats specifically designed for warm weather shipping, such as fruit preserves.

By following these guidelines and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your delicate treats arrive in perfect condition, regardless of the season. At Caribou Gifts, we're committed to delivering your favourite goodies with care and precision, so you can enjoy them to the fullest. Browse our selection of mouth watering treats and shop with confidence, knowing that your order will be handled with the utmost care every step of the way.

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Megan Munro

My name is Megan Munro and I am the founder of Caribou Gifts (est. March 2020). I am passionate about helping people find the perfect gift, as well as giving back to the community we live and work in.

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