Meet Vanessa!

Meet Vanessa!

October 6, 2022 Our Story

Hi! My name is Vanessa :)

I am the newest member of the Caribou Gifts team and I am very excited to spend the next few months here for my co-op work term!

I am currently a 3rd year student at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), which was formerly known as Ryerson University. I major in Retail Management and I am also in the co-op program. I was born and raised here in Toronto and I reside in Scarborough currently, so it's quite a long commute to work for me. But regardless of that, the time I have spent at Caribou Gifts has made me realize how much it values community and local shopping, which, in my opinion, is very underappreciated in todays society. The close knit community that Caribou Gifts is situated in makes the commute to work worth it :)

When I'm not at school studying and attending lectures, I enjoy playing badminton, being a tourist in my own city, hanging out with my friends, and sometimes engage in photography. Any time I get a glimpse of the CN Tower when I'm downtown, I like to snap a picture (I've done that quite a few times in the past week) because who doesn't love CN Tower pictures to remind us of what a beautiful city we live in?

I've only been working at Caribou Gifts for a little over a month and I have already taken an interest in some of the products we offer. One of the products that I love here are the Mimi & August candles, specifically the two scents Tulipa and Coco Mango. The Tulipa scented candle has subtle floral notes and wildberries which remind me of summer time and the Coco Mango scented candle has notes of coconut and mango, both of which I love. The best part is that the containers for these candles are reusable, meaning that after these candles are finished burning, the container can be reused as a mug for your favourite tea or coffees or it can also even be used as a planter for small plants. Another product I love are the Charcoal & Rosepetals soap bars. These soap bars are made with all natural ingredients and no additives, which I think is very rare in the beauty industry as we're so used to putting on lotions and using soaps and other products that have ingredients we don't even know how to say, and as someone who has extremely sensitive skin, I appreciate that there are all natural products being made. My favourite scent would have to be the Pink Grapefruit soap bar as I love anything grapefruit or tropical scented. 

I'm very excited to continue learning and working at Caribou Gifts for the rest of my 4-month co-op term. I have already learned so much in the short time I have been here and I can't wait to expand on my knowledge in the retail industry with this job. Looking forward to meeting you at our location in the Junction! :)

- Vanessa :)



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