Meet Jules!

Meet Jules!

February 26, 2022 Our Story

Hello, my name is Juliana, and I am the newest employee at Caribou Gifts. I am in the store from Tuesdays to Saturdays and it has been such a pleasure joining The Kingsway community under this thriving small business.

A little bit about me is that I am currently attending school at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, where I am studying Retail Management. I live downtown near Trinity Bellwood’s, and I love animals, the colour yellow, listening to music and hanging out with my friends and family. Meeting The Kingsway community and connecting with so many lovely people in person has been amazing thus far. The conversations that I have had and will continue to have over the next few months at Caribou Gifts excite me. I love seeing new and familiar faces come into the store! Please say hello if you see me and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have, I will always be happy to help.

I love putting together every unique order that the store receives. It truly is so exciting to get to wrap the products up, make them pretty and write a sweet message for their loved ones, co-workers, or whomever it is receiving the gift.  Simply knowing how happy the gift is going to make someone, truly brings so much joy to my days at the store. Working alongside Megan has been so awesome, she is so understanding and truly cares about her employees and customers. I have loved getting to know her and her amazing family that is behind the whole production. Each day is a new adventure that I am always so excited to conquer.

Setting up displays, putting new products on the shelf, creating Tik Tok content and many other responsibilities are included in this role. Learning how this tight-knit operation is running has been so much fun and a truly rewarding experience for a Retail Management student like myself.

Megan Munro

My name is Megan Munro and I am the founder of Caribou Gifts (est. March 2020). I am passionate about helping people find the perfect gift, as well as giving back to the community we live and work in.

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