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Set up an aquarium for your own living sea creature pets! Prepare the salt water and then watch as small brine shrimp hatch from the included eggs, swim around, feed on the included food, and slowly grow larger. A fun, 8-page, full-color manual first explains how to set up the aquarium and hatch and care for the shrimp, as well as offers scientific info about these fascinating creatures and the ecosystems in our planet’s oceans. When properly cared for, the brine shrimp can live for months and even years, and the durable habitat tank can be used for bugs and other things afterward. Customize the tank with the included sea life stickers. The exclusive Wow in the World audio content (accessed via QR codes on the toy and manual) enhances the fun and learning. Bonus: The kit also includes a magnifying glass to add to your collection of classic STEM tools.

  • Includes aquarium tank, brine shrimp eggs, special salt, special food, and the tools needed to raise your sea creature pets
  • Amazing science project: Watch living creatures hatch from small eggs and swim around inside the tank.
  • Guaranteed to hatch: If the eggs do not hatch, contact us for advice and replacement eggs. Animals are safe and contained inside the tank.
  • Decorate the tank with stickers. Learn about these fantastic creatures and our planet’s oceans
  • Exclusive Wow in the World audio content featuring Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas enhances the play and the learning.
  • Wondery Kids Tool: Magnifying glass

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