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Get growing and glowing! Make your own awesome terrarium with real plants that glows in the dark. Use the included cress seeds and growing containers to create your own plant display and observe as the seeds germinate and grow. Decorate your terrarium with glowing water beads, glow-in-the-dark stars, and faux plants. At night, your terrarium will light up a room when the included UV LEDs (like blacklights) shine on the phosphorescent materials and make them glow. A fun, 8-page, full-color experiment manual guides you setting up your terrarium and provides fun, educational content about plants and phosphorescence. Dive into the world of plant biology and glowing things with Wow in the World’s Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas as they deliver fascinating scientific explanations in the exclusive audio content. Once you’ve grown the plants included in the kit, fill your twinkling terrarium with new plants over and over as you develop a lifelong appreciation for plants and gardening. The terrarium is a great addition to a child’s bedroom. Use it as a nightlight and play the soothing nighttime nature sounds included in the audio content to facilitate a smooth bedtime routine. Bonus: The kit also includes a pair of tweezers to add to your collection of classic STEM tools.

Crystal-clear plastic terrarium sphere, string of UV LED lights with battery pack, 6 small hooks for lights, 2 clear plastic growing dishes, sheet of glow-in-the-dark star stickers, packet of water beads, packet of garden cress seeds, disk of coconut coir growing medium, small faux plastic plants, tweezers, plastic clip

  • Assemble your terrarium and watch plants grow from seeds. Kit includes everything you need except water
  • Decorate the terrarium with glowing objects like stars, water beads, and faux plants
  • UV LEDs (like blacklights) make the phosphorescent materials glow in the dark
  • Learn about plants and phosphorescence
  • Exclusive Wow in the World audio content featuring Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas enhances the play and the learning.
  • Wondery Kids Tool: Tweezers

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