Spy Labs: Cryptic Puzzle Safe


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Safeguard your secrets and treasures inside of this portable vault! The secret compartment will only open after the correct six-digit combination is entered. You set the code. With your Spy Labs Cryptic Puzzle Safe, rest assured that important belongings like crucial evidence, secret messages, and even your allowance aren’t at risk of falling into the wrong hands!

  • Locking cap, outer tube, inner tube, 6 smooth rings, 6 toothed rings, 6 number strips, emergency key.
  • Spy Labs Incorporated's activity kits and equipment provide an engaging and interactive way for kids to learn about detective work, including forensic analysis and tracking techniques.
  • With your Cryptic Puzzle Safe, you can safeguard your secrets and treasures inside this portable vault!
  • Only opens after using the correct six-digit combination (emergency key is also included), which you can change whenever you want!
  • Promotes pretend play as kids ages 8 and up take on the role of detective, setting out to unravel mysteries one tough case at a time.
  • Become a first-class secret agent with Spy Labs, the Detective Gear Experts; your trusted source for all your essential spy tools and gear!

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