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After a long journey you have arrived on a mysterious island. You build the first houses, create fields and paths through the jungle, and advance further and further inland. My Island is a legacy game. This means that your game changes and evolves as you play it. Everyone has their own island, which they redesign in each game. Three games together form a chapter. And for each chapter there is a sealed envelope containing new rules and various materials with which you can change your playing surface again and again. Experience the history of your island and discover its secrets in 24 fascinating games. Following the success of My City, nominated for the 2020 Spiel des Jahres Award, this legacy game by renowned author Reiner Knizia offers many innovations.

  • Explore this new mysterious island by placing down various kinds of hexagonal tiles! As the game progresses new actions and more space on your island will open up to you!
  • My Island can be taught quickly and has plenty of scenarios that add additional rules to keep the game fresh.
  • With a similar playstyle to My City, Reiner Knizia has taken the best parts of his original game and refined them for a whole new standalone story.
  • Using field, house, wall, and trail tiles players must lay out their island carfully tile by tile without damaging the forest!
  • Features an "eternal mode" to continue the fun even after you have finished the legacy portion of the game.

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