Moon Dance Soap


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Scent family: fruity

Description: blend of citruses

Details: the festive look to this soap, makes it appealing to both men and women. This soap is named after the iroquoian moon dance ceremony which gives an offering to the moon. This soap pays homage to the females of this world to make sure that life continues and to keep everything in order, including plant life, animal life, and water life. This soap reminds us of harmony with it's mellow, pleasant, tangerine-orangey scent.

• hydrates dry skin

• made with organic shea butter

• made with organic castor oil

• 98% natural ingredients

Size/weight: 1 oz / 4 oz

Ingredients: canola oil, water, coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, organic shea butter, organic castor oil, stearic acid, fragrance oil, ultramarine, titanium dioxide, yellow #6

• natural ingredients

• safe synthetics

 Made in Canada

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