Masters of Crime: Shadows


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Immersive crime-solving gaming experiences Each title in this new story-driven game series puts players in the shoes of the characters as they sift through evidence, unearth clues, and solve puzzles together to solve a crime. Interactive gameplay seamlessly integrates real-world resources into your sleuthing, including Google maps, phone numbers, websites, and more. Each story has multiple outcomes; which path will your group choose? An assignment awaits you in Amsterdam. You must break into the famous Bachmann Gallery and steal a mysterious painting. Before you can do this, you must scour Amsterdam’s underworld for a team capable of carrying out such an operation. You will also scout out the gallery, inspect building plans, hack security systems, and plan your theft. Every decision affects how the story develops. Can you pull off the million-dollar heist of the century?

  • 72 cards, 13 objects (folded sheets), 2 note-taking sheets, detective board
  • Mature content appropriate for 1 to 5 players, ages 16 and up.
  • A unique, modernized twist on traditional murder-mystery games
  • Authentic-feeling evidence and detective work, ideal for fans of true crime.
  • Each game includes a large poster that serves as home base to organize clues, evidence, and theories.
  • Incorporation of external technology adds a layer of innovation that keeps the game fresh and exciting.

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