Make & Display: Colorful Crystals


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Explore the fascinating science of crystal growing in the palm of your hand! This display holds a 16-unit assortment of individual crystal-growing experiment kits. Watch your crystals start forming overnight and continue to observe their growth each day. Each kit includes the materials you need to grow a beautiful, sparkling crystal and a full-color manual that offers step-by-step instructions and fun scientific information.

  • 1 packet potassium aluminium sulfate 20g, 1 dye tablet, measuring cup, spatula
  • Choose from four brilliant colors: red, blue, green, or mystery color (turquoise, purple, or orange)
  • Proprietary crystal solution rigorously tested to ensure safe and successful experiences
  • Helps develop important learning skills including focus and patience, trial-and-error, and observation
  • Perfect size and affordable choice for stocking stuffers, party favors, gift baskets, and on-the-go fun!

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