Dragonkeepers - Family Card Game


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All great things start small…even dragons! Before they can fly and breathe fire, they need to be well guarded by experienced dragonkeepers like you. Two stacks of cards form the open pages of the “magic book,” which show you what kind of dragon and how many you can take under your protection. Use your cards and your cleverness to manipulate the book in your favor and collect the most of these fantastic creatures. May the best dragonkeeper win!

  • Novel card mechanism uses two stacks of cards to create the “magic book,” which is constantly changing.
  • Includes over 120 beautifully illustrated, large-format cards with adorable baby dragon illustrations.
  • Easy to learn, quick to teach, and fun to play!
  • Balance of strategy and luck, high replayability, and small footprint make it an ideal choice for families and gaming groups on the go.

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