Disappointing Affirmations: 30 Postcards


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From the wildly popular @disappointingaffirmations Instagram account, here are thirty hilariously realistic affirmation postcards for a disappointing world where failure is always an option.

The Disappointing Affirmations postcard set offers a funny take on the inspirational language of a culture that insists that everyone try to remain upbeat in the face of a world that's clearly not okay, and gives us permission to not be okay as well.

Keep or send to someone you love who also thinks toxic positivity can go to hell.

SET OF 30 POSTCARDS TO KEEP OR SEND: Easy-to-detach cards make mini affirmational posters to hang at home or work. Also a great way to keep in touch with friends and family-send them an affirmation to let them know you see them and that relentless positivity is bullshit.

FROM THE POPULAR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: Fans of the popular Instagram account @disappointingaffirmations will love these officially licensed postcards.

UNIQUELY DESIGNED: Disappointing Affirmations creator Dave Tarnowski custom-remixed all 30 images and sayings for a uniquely beautiful postcardian or mini print-hanging experience.

THERE'S MORE: See also the Disappointing Affirmations book and Disappointing Affirmations Pencils set. You won't be disappointed.

Perfect for:- Anyone looking to counter the culture of toxic positivity in a humorous way
- Fans of the @disappointingaffirmations Instagram account
- Anyone who isn't always cheerful and doesn't feel seen
- Fans of satire and sarcastic humor

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