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Looking for the perfect addition to your holiday celebrations?

Look no further than our HOLIDAY VARIETY PACK™! Each cocktail bomb is bursting with flavour and sparkle, guaranteed to make your taste buds dance with delight.

First up, our CHRISTMAS COCONUT MARGARITA GLIMMER BOMB™. This tropical twist on a holiday classic will transport you to a sandy beach, with the perfect balance of coconut and tangy lime.

Next, our CRANBERRY LEMONADE GLIMMER BOMB™ brings a refreshing and fruity punch to the party, with the tartness of cranberry and the sweetness of lemonade.

For a spicier option, our HOLIDAY MULE GLIMMER BOMB™ packs a ginger punch with a hint of lime, perfect for sipping by the fireplace.

Looking for a whimsical treat? Our JACK FROST GLIMMER BOMB™ brings the magic of winter to your glass with a blue raspberry lemonade flavour that will have you feeling like a kid again.

For a little bit of mystery, try our SANTA'S SECRET COCKTAIL BOMB™. This cosmopolitan cocktail is the perfect mix of sweet and tart, with a little something special to keep you guessing.

Finally, our FROSTED CRANBERRY COCKTAIL BOMB™ adds a festive touch to any gathering with a cranberry flavour that is perfect for celebrating the season.

Don't settle for boring drinks this holiday season. Order your HOLIDAY VARIETY PACK™ today and add some sparkle to your celebrations!

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