Benefelence the Elephence (Book)


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Benefelence the Elephence and the Wonderful You is a delightfully illustrated picture book that delivers a message of mindfulness and highlights the importance of personal values to help create a more Wonderful You.

Readers of all ages will love the story of how 
Benefelence the Elephence helps a family to overcome their problems by thinking about the situations they come across in everyday life, and then deciding on the best way to solve them, using positive personal values such as being calm, patient resourceful and kind. This insightful message is reinforced with a set of fun activities so that children and adults can really take this message to heart.

Throughout this charming picture book, the reader will discover that to get the best results out of a situation, it is helpful to imagine what their 
Wonderful Self would do. This exercise in mindfulness will help readers develop a stronger relationship and connection to a more positive image of themselves and encourage them to understand their own personal values.

Benefelence the Elephence show you how to unlock the special qualities that everyone holds inside so that we can all become our more Wonderful Selves today and in the future.

Recently awarded a Bronze IPPY Award.

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