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Which paintings are real and which are fake? In this cooperative art-themed card game for three to seven players, there are two teams: painters and museum directors. At the start of the game, the museum directors present two picture cards that describe the visual theme that they have chosen for an upcoming museum exhibition. The painters then choose picture cards from their decks that best align with the theme and place them face down. Four additional cards are secretly added to the deck – these represent fraudulent pieces from the infamous art forger, Belratti! The museum directors must guess which picture cards the painters have submitted for the exhibition and which are forgeries. Will Belratti fool them all? 192 picture cards with many possible visual associations make it a fun challenge to catch the art forger in this family game.

  • Combines visual interpretation, limited communication, and creative guessing into a compact, quick, and very replayable party game for gamers of all skill levels.
  • Award-winning card game with completely new and colorful illustrations.
  • Jokers, “masterpieces,” and ever-changing roles add fun layers of complexity, variety, and luck
  • Perfect for large groups or as a party game.


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