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The LEGO(Reg TM) Minifigure has captivated the world for more than 40 years. This humble yellow character has risen from toy to global icon-all without a nose or opposable thumbs! This box of 20 notecards and envelopes features a collection of heartwarming and hilarious minifigure art, perfect for sharing the LEGO love with your friends and family throughout the year. • MINIFIGURES ARE THE HEART OF THE LEGO(Reg TM) BRAND: The Minifigure-the humble yellow character found in LEGO creations-has become a global icon. In this new notecard set, the Minifigure gets its starring role.
• LIGHTHEARTED LEGO: The humorous scenes, jokes, and puns featured in these notecards will make you chuckle!
• BONUS CARDS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Some cards in this box include holiday- and birthday-themed artwork-perfect for sharing the LEGO love with friends and family at every special occasion throughout the year.
• GREAT GIFT FOR AFOL OR YOUNG LEGO LOVERS: Any LEGO enthusiast, no matter what age, will love these cards.
• INCLUDES: 20 full-color notecards in box with a lid.

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