Unknown Address Shipping

Unknown Delivery Address

Want to send a gift but not sure where to ship it? Maybe you want to send your kids teacher a gift or a client who might be working at home instead of the office. In these uncertain times and whatever the reason we have you covered at Caribou Gifts.

The process
  1. Select our new shipping option at checkout “Unknow Delivery Address”.
  2. Include the recipient’s email address in the comments.
  3. We will send the recipient an e-card letting them know they have been sent a gift but we need to address for delivery.
  4. We will ship the gift when we receive their address.
  5. If we don’t receive their mailing address within 3 days of sending the e-card we will send them a follow-up email and if we still haven’t received a response after 1 week we will follow-up with you for an alternative contact for them.

It’s really that easy! We’ve already tested this on a few orders and have gotten great feedback. We are happy to share this service publicly to make your life easier.

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