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8 oz 100% soy and coconut wax - made in Ontario

50-60 hour burn time

ADULTING IS HARD - An end-of-the-day blend of cabernet and Netflix
* notes of grape, cherry and plum

ALL THE COFFEE  - An energizing blend of cafe mocha and getting shit done 
* notes of espresso and mocha

GET LIT - A comforting blend of London Fog lattes and pageturners 
* notes of earl grey tea, warm vanilla and frothy milk

HOT MESS - A barely hanging on blend of leggings and dry shampoo
* notes of jasmine, sandalwood and white amber

INDOORSY - A warm blend of spiced teakwood and appreciating nature through a window 

KITCHEN DANCE PARTY - An uplifting blend of 90s pop and acting silly with your best gal pals
* smells like all things girly (body sprays, lip smackers etc) that will bring you right back to your youth

MOM LIFE - A calming blend of lemongrass and deep breaths
* notes of lemongrass and lavender

MORNING PERSON - A cheerful blend of fresh picked berries and annoying everyone else
* notes of blueberries and cream

MOVIE NIGHT - A heartwarming blend of caramel drizzled popcorn and family fun
* this scent is mostly sweet, with a bit of saltiness 

NIGHT OWL - A chill blend of lavender, mint and just one more episode 
* notes of lavender and mint

PAJAMA DAY - A relaxing blend of cancelled plans and finally using your breadmaker
* this smells like warm freshly baked bread with a hint of sweetness, truly dreamy 

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