Make Cheese - Feta Cheesemaking Kit (8 batches)


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This Feta Kit is what you need to make 8 - 20 batches of Feta.

Feta is easier then you may think.

You can make your own additive and preservative-free feta with cow or goat milk.

It's Feta..bulous!


Enough ingredients to make feta 10 times.
For every batch, you'll get 400 - 500 grams of cheese.

That means 1 jug of milk (1 gal or 4 L) makes approx. 500 grams of cheese.


- Rennet Tablets (10 tablets) - Vegetarian

- Cheese Cloth

- Cheese Culture - Mesophilic

- Cheese Salt

- Basket Mold

- Thermometer

- Calcium Chloride

- Draining Mat

- Recipe Booklet

All you need is the milk!


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