Lava Lip Gloss Kit (Kids) (Kiss Naturals)


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You can create your own mini lip gloss version from our Lava Lip Gloss craft kit! Keep your lips moisturized and shiny with this award-winning, groovy 60s-inspired lip gloss. Learn how simple it is to mix together organic castor oil, organic safflower oil, all-natural flavors and colors in your kitchen lab! Non-toxic, no parabens, no synthetic dyes, Just pure, all-natural ingredients. All the supplies you need are included in this kit.


Kiss Naturals: Kiss Naturals is a family-run company based in Quebec. All their products are proudly made in Canada. Their mission, as natural product and toy creators, is to bring children, their friends and their family together to learn new skills, build a greater understanding of nature and experience true connection through the power of play. Each of their DIY kits contains everything you need to make natural personal care products for you, your family and your friends!

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