DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit (DIY Gift Kits)


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ONE HOT SAUCE MAKING KIT TO RULE THEM ALL: This kit has everything you need to make 7 bottles of lip smacking gourmet hot sauce right from home... taste buds around the world will bow down in envy.

FULLY COLORED, FULLY ILLUSTRATED RECIPE CARDS: Includes step by step printed recipe cards that have been tested multiple times (tough job huh?) to ensure the perfect hot sauce each and every time. Recipe card also includes pro tips and flavor enhancing guide.

Made by people who love making high quality products with high quality ingredients for high quality people. Ingredients include all natural, gmo free, heirloom peppers... did we mention the "Top Secret" 100% pure ghost pepper booster packet?

What is inside:
-Ghost Pepper
-Habanero Peppers
-Chipotle Peppers
-Ancho Passilla Peppers
-7 bottles & Caps
-Bottle Reducers
-Instruction Card
-pH Strips

BEST. GIFT. EVER: "I got this kit for my hubby for Father's Day and he absolutely loved it! I am an attention to detail freak, and appreciate all the extra goodies included like the gloves, ph strips and bottling funnel. So far we made 3 of the recipes that came with the kit and the Smokin' Sauce is our favorite... seriously better than anything we ever tried!" (5 Stars) Amanda
5th GENERATION PEPPER FARMERS: So what's the secret sauce behind the secret sauce? Simple. The highest quality peppers grown from a small 5th generation local pepper farm in. Including the "Top Secret" 100% pure ghost pepper booster packet!

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