Bunny Rabbits, Blue Baby Pajamas


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Good Luck Pajamas are revolutionary sleepers that have a two-way zipper for easy diaper changes, super cosy cuffs to allow both the hands and feet to be in or out, and a soft fabric panel along the inside of the zipper so that a baby's skin will always be protected. With super funky colors and patterns. Reason's you'll fall in love with Good Luck Pajamas: 1. Two way zipper - Allows busy parents to quickly change diapers by opening the bottom half only. 2. Protective zipper covers - Keeps your baby's skin stay safe. 3. Hand Cuffs - No more scratching, also great on planes when you don't want them to touch dirty things! 4. Feet Cuffs - Fold them out for grip on hard surfaces and fold them back in for warmth. 5. Fun Prints - Keep your kid looking good! 6. Flexible Sizing - open hand and feet cuffs to allow for extended usage as they grow.

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