Bruxelles Blonde Beer Making Kit

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A dreamy, light-bodied Belgian ale with gentle malt sweetness, Bruxelles Blonde offers a refreshing, slightly earthy, slightly spicy hop aroma and a smooth, fresh taste.

Included in the Bruxelles Blonde Beer Making Kit:
Bruxelles Blonde 1 Gallon
All-Grain Mix Golding Hops
Beer Making Yeast
Glass Fermentation Jug
Racking Cane Tubing
Tubing Clamp
Screw-cap Stopper
No-Rinse Sanitizer

Needed but not included:  Air Tight Bottles/Containers.  Brooklyn Brew recommends non-twist-off glass beer bottles with a bottle capper or a keg. Since most of us don't have those at home, recycling previously used swing-top beer bottles that have previously held a carbonated beverage will also work (Grolsch swing top bottles for example).

Made in United States of America

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