Grumpy Cat 2024 Wall Calendar

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Celebrate a whole year of charming sass, furrowed whiskers, and surly snapshots of the one and only Grumpy Cat.

Back for another year's worth of attitude, this calendar features Grumpy at her grumpiest, the perfect gift or self-purchase for anyone charmed by this sourpuss's quintessential frown.

24-page 12 x 12 inch month-by-month calendar

HUGELY FAMOUS IN MEME HISTORY: Grumpy Cat's grouchy pout is a famous face on the Internet-she's the spokes-animal for grumpiness! The unlikely combination of cute cat and a huge frown makes for instantly hilarious images.

ADORABLE ANIMAL HUMOR: Fans of adorable critters of any species will love a year full of Grumpy's funny and lovable mug.

Perfect for:

• Grumpy Cat fans (over 8 million on Facebook)
• Fans of cats with personality, internet cats, cat memes
• Fans of self-deprecating humor and wallowing in the bad days
• Teenagers and up

Contributor Bio

Grumpy Cat was an internet sensation, New York Times bestselling author, and demotivational guru who judged the world from Arizona.

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