Book Your Fall 2020 Fundraiser Today

We are pretty excited to have officially launched our fundraiser programs!

We are actively seeking a limited number of community organizations to participate in our fundraising program this fall. We are specifically looking to support community-based organizations or schools close to our home in West Toronto so we can support the community that we live in first.

Your community group, sports team, daycare or school library now has two new options to fundraise this fall. You can earn 15-30% back on all items sold from our wide range of gifts for babies, kids and grownups. Check out our dedicated fundraising page for more info.

There is still so much uncertainty around COVID-19. We don’t know whether we will be able to see our families this Christmas or whether schools will close again. We also know that community organizations and small businesses are struggling to stay alive during these times. Picking Caribou Gifts as your fundraising partner helps support many small businesses since we source from a large number of local, women-owned businesses in addition to being one. It also reduces uncertainty regarding collecting manual orders, pickups and delivery. We have created a number of options from completely contactless shipping/delivery right on our website to a more traditional fundraiser. You can select whichever option you are comfortable with.

Contact us today to book your Fall 2020 fundraiser or find out more!