Beard Box Care Package


Kit Contents:

Peregrine Supply Co’s Beard Box Care Set is the last word in complete beard care. The set contains:

  • a Face and Beard Soap to clean your beard without causing dryness.
    Cedarwood, Clove & Sandalwood
  • A bottle of our premium Beard Oil, to care for your skin and help you to grow your best beard.
    Choice of: Bonsai Citrus and Park Ranger
  • A tin of Beard Balm, to keep your mane soft, conditioned and under control.
    Choice of: Bonsai Citrus and Park Ranger

Usage and Tips from Peregrine Supply Co:

Each product is meant to work with the others. We recommend the following regimen: – Wash your beard with our Face and Beard Soap in the shower, and rinse liberally. – Apply a few drops of Beard Oil to your palm, and apply to your beard when it’s towel-dry. – Use your fingernail to scrape some Beard Balm from the tin, warm between your palms to melt the balm, and smoothe over your beard. (Beard Balm can be applied immediately following Beard Oil, or at any point thereafter)

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Beard Box Care Package - Atlas

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Beard Box Care Package - Park Ranger

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Beard Box Care Package - Bonsai Citrus

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Peregrine Supply Co

Peregrine started back in 2015 as a small side project between friends. Peregrine is owned and operated by soon to be husband and wife team Tyler Hill & Katrina Moscato. They wanted to be a company that promoted healthy, well rounded men’s culture, and that didn’t rely on traditional or hyper-masculine stereotypes. They wanted to offer an alternative to what we were seeing in the market currently. They are makers of modern functional grooming products. Everything they produce is handmade by us in small batches in Vancouver, BC. They craft unique scent blends inspired by the places they’ve come from and the places they’ve seen.

Park Ranger, Bonsai Citrus, Atlas


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